Stephen Mason

Barrister - Conference Speaker - Author


Submissions to Parliament

‘Banking and Fraud’ a written submission with Nicholas Bohm to the Treasury Committee on 17 January 2011

Other submissions

Response to Digital Agenda for Europe: Electronic identification, authentication and signatures in the European digital single market. Public consultation, with Michael Bromby, European Journal for Law and Technology, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2012



I discussed digital evidence in a pod cast (number 70) with Mike Semple Piggot, author of the Charon QC Blawg in July 2008, and a further pod cast (number 73) on electronic signatures.


Dave Birch of Hyperion in discussion about electronic signatures with Stephen Mason

Book no longer in print

E-mail, networks and the internet: a concise guide to compliance with the law (xpl publications, 6th edn, 2006) (The Indian edition was published by Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvy. Ltd.)


As far as he is aware, Stephen was the first lawyer to write an e-book in 1999 on the Y2K issue. Two e-books were issued:

The Millennium Bug: A guide to the legal issues for business (Ivel Meads Legal Services Limited, 4th edn, May 1999) ISBN 0 9533089 4 4

The Year 2000: A guide to the legal issues for business (Ivel Meads Legal Services Limited, 3rd edn, July 1999) ISBN 0 9533089 3 6


Founder (2004), publisher and general editor of the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signatures Law Review [ISSN 1756-4611], previously the e-Signature Law Journal [ISSN 1744-0882] and the Digital Evidence Journal [ISSN 1750-7200]

Loose-leaf practitioner textbook

Electronics and Digital Signatures editor and author of Chapter VI ‘Electronic and Digital Signatures’ for the practitioner loose-leaf textbook by M-T. Michéle Rennie International Computer and Internet Contracts and Law (Sweet & Maxwell)

Book chapters

‘Some International Developments in Electronic Evidence’ in Justice Lee Seiu Kin, editor-in-chief and Yeong Zee Kin, general editor, International Conference on Electronic Litigation (Academy Publishing, 2012)

‘Authenticity and evidential weight of digital evidence in legal proceedings’ in Lynn Coleman, Victoria L. Lemieux, Rod Stone and Geoffrey Yeo, editors, Managing records in global financial markets (Facet Publishing, 2011)

‘The European overview on computer seizures’ in Francesco Cajani and Gerado Costabile, editors, Gli accertamenti informatici nelle investigazioni penali: una prospettiva europea (Information Technologies in the criminal investigations: a European perspective) (Experta S.r.l., 2011)

Appendix D: ‘Digital Evidence in Five Nations’ in George L. Paul, Foundations of Digital Evidence (ABA, 2008)

Chapter 3 ‘Electronic Signatures in Practice’ in Electronic Signature Law edited by L. Padmavathi (Amicus Books, 2007)

Chapter 7 ‘Complying with the law’ in E-mail Management by Joanna Goodman (Ark Group, 2006)

Chapter 6 ‘e Changes Everything: Lawyers and electronic signatures’ in Whither the Legal Web? by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables (Infolaw, 2005)

‘E-Signature & E-Security: Establishing intent in the electronic environment’ for E-Security Law & Strategy: Practical guide to managing legal risks in information security edited by Zaid Hamzah (LexisNexis Malaysia and Singapore Edition, 2005)

Two chapters: ‘Electronic commerce’ and ‘Managing risk on the Internet’ (the second chapter with Charles Christian and Rupert Kendrick), edited by Nicola Webb, Internet Marketing Strategies for Law Firms (Law Society Publishing, 2003)


E-business for UK success: The Good Practice Guide (iTx Marketing Services Limited in association with BSI and DISC) Peter Howes, Alan Shipman and Stephen Mason

Book reviews

‘Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court’ by Paul Lambert (Bloomsbury Professional, 2011) 4(2) Journal of Media Law (2012), 354-358

‘Evidence, Proof, and Fact-Finding in WTO Dispute Settlement’ by Michelle T. Grando (Oxford University Press, 2009) International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Volume 60, Part 2, April 2011, 566-568

‘A Philosophy of Evidence Law: Justice in the Search for Truth’ by Hock Lai Ho (Oxford University Press, 2008) International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Volume 58, Part 4, October 2009, 1030-1033

‘Computer Crimes and Digital Investigations’ by Ian Walden (Oxford University Press, 2007) International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Volume 57, Part 4, October 2008, 997-998

‘The WTO, the Internet and Trade in Digital products: EU-US Perspectives’ by Sacha Wunsch-Vincent (Hart Publishing, 2006) Computers & Law On-line 2006

‘Information Technology Law’ by Diane Rowland and Elizabeth Macdonald (Cavendish Publishing Limited, 3rd edn, 2005) Computers & Law February/March 2006 Volume 16 Issue 6 36

‘Human Rights in the Digital Age’ edited by Mathias Klang and Andrew Murray (Glasshouse Press, 2005) Computers & Law April/May 2005 Volume 16 Issue 1 34 – 36

‘Tolley’s Data Protection Handbook’ Third Edition, Susan Singleton (Tolley) New Law Journal Autumn Book Review Supplement , Friday 8 October 2004, Volume 154, No 7174, 1478

‘e-Commerce: A Practical Guide to the Law’, Revised Edition, Susan Singleton (Gower), New Law Journal Book Review Supplement , Friday 11 April 2003, Volume 153, No 7075, 555

‘Managing Cyber-Risks: Strategic Approaches for Law Firms’, Computers and Law , August/September 2002, Volume 13, Issue 3, 15 – 16

Interview given

‘Web masters’ Solicitors Journal, IT Supplement , 26 October 2001, 14 – 15


‘e-ID Compass project: Informal debate on the issues relating to terminology and clarification of concept in respect of the EU e-signature legislation’, a paper for the European Union as part of the discussion about the revision of Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures, OJ L 13, 19.01.2000, p. 12 (Autumn 2011) (appointment number 152391-2011 A08-UK)

‘Lessons in strategies for the introduction of ICT in the administration of commercial justice in an emerging economy’, this paper was prepared for a conference sponsored by the World Bank, and entitled The Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Administration of Commercial Justice held in Arusha, Tanzania, between 23 and 26 September 2007

‘Proof of the authenticity of a document in electronic format introduced as Evidence’ (October 2006) research conducted for the ARMA Foundation

Newspaper articles


‘Sign on the electronic line, please’ The Times Law Section Tuesday December 16 2003 8


‘The key to keeping a secret’, The Times Law Section, Tuesday September 24 2002, 5

The Century Date Change Problem


The Century Date Change Problem: The legal ramifications for business (January 1998)


The Computer Time Bomb: A guide to the legal issues for business (May 1998)


The Millennium Bug: A guide to the legal issues for business (May 1999 with the Action 2000 logo and distributed on the cover CD ROMs of PC Magazine in May 1999 and PC Pro in July 1999 to 300,000 readers)
The Year 2000: A guide to the legal issues for business (July 1999)

Legal Audit tool for business

Legal Audit: The century date change (available on CD ROM only)


‘Directors face Y2K liability’, Survive!, The International Business Continuity Magazine, November 1999

‘Work within the letter of the law’, Eastern Director, The Official Journal of Eastern Branch of the Institute of Directors, June/July 1999, Issue 42, 12

‘Insurers exclude liability over millennium change’, Eastern Director, The Official Journal of Eastern Branch of the Institute of Directors, May/June 1999, Issue 41, 12

‘RSVP with care’, Survive! , The International Business Continuity Magazine, May 1999, 44

‘Still time for action’, Survive! , The International Business Continuity Magazine, February 1999, 13 – 15

‘Year 2000 Compliance Letters’, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry , News October 1998, No 26, 4

‘The computer time bomb: Will it affect you?’ The Pytchley Echo, Issue No 15, Autumn 1998, 24 – 26


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