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As part of my role as a cybersecurity expert, I m often asked to speak at events and conferences about my area of expertise. This is part of my job that I really enjoy, since I find it very rewarding to pass on the information that I have gleaned on the subject and also to help inform others about what they can do to protect their customers or to stay safe themselves when using the internet for financial reasons. Some of the conferences that I am speaking at over the next few months include:

The Security IT Summit

Security IT summit is a fantastic opportunity for people to share their knowledge.

I have been asked to speak again at this year’s Security IT Summit in London. As this event is just on my own doorstep, it’s one of my favourite events to appear at, and as it is also designed to be a collaborative and supportive effort to bring more cohesion to the UK’s cybersecurity industry, it’s a valuable opportunity for professional networking and information sharing. Held on the 3rd July this year, it’s a fantastic opportunity for people like me who are leading the way in the industry to share their knowledge and find out more about the latest solutions.

Cyber Security Future

Cyber Security Future is held in London.

Another event that I will be attending this July in London is the Cyber Security Future event. This conference is a little more forward thinking in nature and focuses primarily about how to forge stronger partnerships with the government, industry, the world of academia and also the public as a whole to prevent cyber attacks on all levels. I will be sharing my expertise in the financial sector with the attendees and am looking forward to helping to create tighter links between all parties.


DC442 is also known as Defcon.

I attend the DC4420 conference every month whenever possible, and I will certainly be making my way to the one which will be held at the end of July, also in my home city. This event is open to anyone with an interest in the cybersecurity industry and is a great way of staying up to date with the latest happenings and of sharing key knowledge with other players in the sector.

Second International Conference On Business And Cyber Security

The ICBCS conference is an great platform for cyber security.

This will be my final London event of this summer and also one that I have been proud to be invited to speak at. I already spoke at last year’s ICBCS conference and am delighted to have been asked to appear once again this year. This valuable event is aimed at helping business owners of companies of all types and sizes to learn more about how they can protect their employees, customers and business assets from cybercrime and hackin. As a specialist in the cybersecurity financial field, I am pleased to impart my knowledge on this matter and to help those in business to be better informed about the steps and measures that they can take to improve their own company’s online security and protect themselves from becoming the victim of the latest trends in cybercrime.