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Upcoming Events 2018-2019

The field of digital security is an especially prominent one at the moment, and since cybersecurity is a hot topic across many sectors it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that every year sees more events dedicated to the theme. If you’re interested in finding out more about digital security, how it can affect you and how you can improve the online security of your own business or assets when making financial transactions over the internet, attending one of these upcoming events over the next few months could be a good idea for you.

IP Expo Europe

IP Expo Europe is aimed specifically ot IT experts.

This is an event which is aimed specifically at IT experts and those who specialise in the cyber security industry. Designed with the aim of helping professionals to widen their practice and to learn about the latest measures that can be adopted to combat cybercrime, this event focuses on protection of brands, new forms of detecting cybercrime, how best to mitigate an attack and how to spot untoward network activity to nip it in the bud before any damage occurs. This event is exploring state of the art hacking techniques as well as helping professionals to find out more about the latest advancements in DevSecOps.

Cyber Security Summit & Expo

Cyber Security Summit & Expo showcases all of the latest innovations in cyber security.

This fascinating expo has a number of well known brand names attending as well as speakers from a wide range of areas of expertise. Showcases all of the latest innovations in cyber security, this event not only features keynote speakers but also has a range of exhibits looking at various elements of the online security sector and presentations regarding breach, recovery and prevention.

UK Health Show

UK Health Show is aimed squarely at addressing the online security needs.

This is a digital security event that is aimed squarely at addressing the online security needs of those working in the health industry. This is one of the areas which is at especial risk from hackers due to the sensitive nature of the details which are processed through medical computer systems. Keeping patients safe is one of medical practitioners’ main goals and that no longer means solely in terms of their health and well-being. This conference raises some of the latest issues in healthcare cybersecurity and also looks at some of the newest and most innovative ways to protect patient data. With 5000 professionals from the healthcare industry in attendance, this is a key way for IT leaders within the medical field to network, trade and to advance their practice in conjunction with like-minded people.

Cloud Security Expo London

Cloud Security Expo London is aimed to tackle the latest issues in online protection.

With the 2018 Cloud Security Expo at London’s ExCEL centre having proven to be so successful, next March will see a repeat of the event which brought together professionals from across the board of the cybersecurity sector. Designed with an aim to tackle the latest issues in online protection, this valuable two day event led to some lively discussion, sharing of information and trading of products. Next year’s event looks set to exceed attendees’ expectations even more with even more exhibitors and speakers planned.